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Color Silica Sands

For areas where enhanced durability, slip resistance and custom apearance are required.







Color Sands provide resin base flooring with excellent slip resistance and prevent slip and fall injuries and liability.



Superior colorfastness, chemical, abrasion and impact resistance for the most exteme heavy duty environments.



Enhance your high performance flooring environment, by adding custom colors and texture to complement any decor.



No joints or seams delivers an easy clean seamless finish, where no bacteria or dirt can dwell in crevices.



Virtually limitless color combinations provide design richness, so that  each floor can becustom made to suit environment.



After years of use, efficiently revitalize your color sands flooring, by grinding the surface and applying a new topcoat.



Color sands provide a cost-effective solution with extraordinary resilence under the most demanding conditions.







• Animal Facilities

• Apartment Buildings

• Auto Dealerships

• Balconies

• Bars, Pubs & Taverns

• Banquet Halls

• Break Rooms

• Cafeterias

• Churches

• Clean Rooms

• Commercial Kitchens

• Control Rooms

• Corridors• Countertops

• Detention Centers

• Dog Kennels

• Firehouses

• Food Processing Plants

• Garages

• Greenhouses

• Hallways

• Hospitals

• Hotels

• Industrial Facilities

• Laboratories

• Locker Rooms

• Municipalities

• Museums

• Nursing Homes

• Offices

• Patios

• Pharmaceutical Plants

• Pool Decks

• Production Floors

• Ramps

• Recreation Rooms

• Restaurants

• Restrooms

• Retail Stores

• Retirement Homes

• Salons• Schools

• Shower Stalls

• Showrooms

• Stadiums

• Sunrooms

•Veterinary Clinics

• Walkways

• Workshops

• Zoos

• Etc... 

Sand Blends

Sands Solid Colors

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