Solid Color Chart

We offer 50 basic colors that you can conbine the flakes, or they can also be used as solid finish  for your floor.



Clear coatings offer another variable. Clear coatings have the ability to hide dirt and wear due to the camouflaging effect of concrete. Clear coatings wet out the concrete penetrating the surface of the concrete resulting in a darkening effect on the concrete. One must keep in mind that clear coatings will not hide preexisting stains and any patching or repairs done prior to the application of clear coat.

NOTE:  Some custom colors are available.  These colors cost more than the standard solid colors listed below.





There are two primary trade offs in color selection between light reflectivity and the ability to hide dirt and wear.

The first consideration in selecting a flooring color is expected abuse and cleaning schedule. If a floor is going to be exposed to heavy abuse and a dirty environment and/or lack regular cleaning, a darker colored floor will better hide dirt and disguise wear. If on the other hand a clean environment is desired, a lighter colored floor will show dirt better highlighting areas in need of cleaning.

The lighter the color the more light a resinous floor will reflect thus increasing the ambient light allowing for reduced lighting and/or a better lit area. A high gloss, light gray coating will roughly double the ambient light over an uncoated concrete floor. The downside is in general the lighter the floor the more apparent dirt and wear are on the surface. These effects are even greater on a white floor.


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