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Epoxyman Burr Ridge cares for you! Simple and elegant flooring plays vital role to beautify the look of your premises. People is always worried about unhygienic condition, discoloring, weak and porous finish of the floors. Epoxyman Burr Ridge decided to glamorize such floors with their flooring solutions and introduced one of the best flooring solution of Chicago and Miami at a fraction of cost. And that is why Epoxyman Burr Ridge is the result of our hard working and dedicated team of flooring experts that will be here for you today and tomorrow. Epoxyman Burr Ridge provides epoxy, polyurethane and polysphartics flooring solutions which are antimicrobial so that hygienic standards could be maintained.


Epoxyman Burr Ridge specializes in high quality epoxy flooring. We at Epoxyman Burr Ridge pay attention to every detail. Our epoxy garage floor systems are more than a epoxy paint, which is diluted or mixed with other products like water. We use 100% solids solvent base epoxy. This is a heavy duty industrial grade resin designed to perform very good and last for many years to come.Our three basic systems provide a wide variety of color and textures that will beautify and protect your concrete floor.


-Solid color system: affordable yet durable. Suitable for most spaces.


-Flake system: beautiful mostly used in garages and basements this finish let you get the look of terrazo at a fraction of the cost.


-Color Quartz: heavy duty. Excellent for spaces where you need extra protection, or where you need slip resistance.


Epoxyman Burr Ridge always provides diverse flooring solutions through their unique designs, best quality and best ever customer services. Epoxyman Burr Ridge differentiate through their wide range of finishes which includes Silica Sands, Flakes, Colors, Star Dust, and Natural Granite and is now become a hot-cake in the market.


Residential Concrete Floor Coatings Enhances your home by giving your garage, basement or any room an attractive, durable, and easy to clean surface/.

Epoxyman Burr Ridge coatings are seamless, non-porous, and adhere directly to the concrete. Epoxyman Burr Ridge floors will not peel or wear-thru like most paints or sealants and will resist fading from UV exposure. We will repair any cracks or holes that exist and install a commercial-grade epoxy floor system. You can create just the right look for your home by selecting from our many colors and finishes. All of our epoxy floor systems resist stains from household cleaners, road salt, oils, gasoline, lubricants, etc. Best of all, your new Epoxyman Burr Ridge floor will clean as easily.

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Color Flakes

Color Sands

Solid Colors

Star Dust

Natural Granite

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

Great job guys. I am glad you did my garage. After 3 years still look good.



Westmont, IL.

Like it! You did a great job. Will recomed you to all my friends. Thanks a lot.



Howthorn Woods, IL.

My basement got transformed by your art. What a beautiful floor. We enjy it a lot.



Bridgeman MI

Just Gorgeous.

Love it.



Delrey, FL.

After rehabbing my concrete floor, you coat it with the color of my choice. Let me tell you that it made a huge diference. Thanks!



Schamburg, IL.

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