Why Coat Concrete?



One of the primary reasons to coat any concrete floor is the brilliant shine that it produces. Clean, shiny floors have a dramatic impact on employee morale, customer confidence, and are more enjoyable to work on than dull, dirty, bare concrete floors.


Ease of Cleaning

Coated floors are much easier to clean. Bare concrete floors attract and hold dirt, where coatings provide a barrier that makes cleanup quick and easy. Coatings also help keep floors dry and safe and reduce the cost of sweeping and scrubbing.


Protection From Wear

Coated concrete will last longer than uncoated concrete. Vehicle traffic can wear bare concrete slabs. A coating will protect the concrete from wear and ensure that it last for years without repair.


Light Reflective

A shiny coated floor will reflect 100% more light than bare concrete. This provides greater visibility in your facility promoting safety and reducing the need for auxiliary lighting Restoration Coating a floor can give new life to old concrete. We can restore the most eroded of floors, repair cracks and spall joints as well as damage from years mechanical or chemical abuse.

Diamond Quality Every Time

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